Apple Inc Rolls Out New TV Ads For Apple Watch Exclusive Features

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has just rolled out seven new ads for its Apple Watch, to give audiences an insight into the distinct features and highly developed software of the smartwatch. Each of these ads is 15 seconds long in duration, and each is titled differently with names such as Kiss, Style, Dance, Travel, Play, Skate and Move.

With this move, the iPhone maker further strengthens its promotional campaign. All ads contain the same basic elements; a sneak peek into the mechanics and exclusive design of the Apple Watch. These promos demonstrates some smartwatch features such as Siri, fitness monitoring capabilities, Apple Pay, third-party apps, watchbands and more.

The company has managed to create each of these ads in a unique manner by giving them individual captions to highlight upon the respective features being advertised in the respective promotional videos. Furthermore, the tech giant has successfully created a theme of consistency by enabling customers to gain a clearer insight into the Apple Watch’s unique functions.

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