Apple Inc. TV Fourth Most Popular Streaming Device: Parks Associate

According to MacRumors, Parks Associates has revealed figures from a recent research that depict Apple Inc. TV was the fourth most popular device for streaming in the US last year. In a surprising twist, devices like Google Inc’s Chromecast,, Inc.’s Fire TV, and Roku collectively surpassed Apple TV sales.

The data breakdown shows Roku is currently the most popular set top box, as it takes up 34% of all streaming devices sold in the US. Following that, Google Chromecast accounts for 23%, while Amazon takes third place. Apple’s streaming media device meanwhile lost popularity against Amazon, after being the third popular choice two years ago. Households in the US with media streaming devices amount to 20%, and within these Roku is used by 37%. Google comes second with 19%, while Apple and Amazon stand at 17% and 14%, respectively.

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