Google Plans to Stop Spam in Gmail with Artificial Intelligence

Google’s messaging service will start using a system based on a neural network technology that the company itself has developed to detect and block emails or unwanted junk mail.

Google Postmaster Tools

In order to make possible a better way to filter spam messages and unwanted messages, Google has implemented artificial intelligence enhancing filters to its webmail service Gmail. The name of this technology is Postmaster Tools, and is a joint service for errors and movement measurements for the inbox, which then analyzes and optimizes the management of emails.

Implementing this technology will expand further. Currently it is used in your Web browser and in Google Now, showing that artificial intelligence (AI) is the next step that Google plans to take, along with virtual reality(VR). Gmail effectiveness should increased with the new automated mode  implemented, so we should meet a very low percentage of spam in our mailboxes, within an estimated 0.1 percent.

To start testing this technology, Google previously used the task of learning to identify cats in online videos, without help from any human, using only its 16,000 processors. The neural network successfully passed the exam.

Now, this neuronal network will apply their gained knowledge in Gmail to detect and effectively block spam messages that often go as a valid e-mail when it comes to traditional filters. In addition, Postmaster Tools uses this data to learn more about the behavior of certain communications, like the habits of reading company newsletters, to shop or perform online banking, so the right emails would appear in the inbox in relation with the user’s interests or preferences.

We must add that this technology also aims to prevent users from being scammed or undergoing mail phishing attacks.

In the official Gmail blog, Sri Harsha Somanchi, the general manager of Google Product division, announced that: “Our goal is that Gmail offers a spam free experience.”

How about this use of artificial intelligence? Do you get a lot of spam in your Gmail inbox? I can not complain about Gmail, and I would like to see how they further improve, but we have to wait and see how they use artificial intelligence, which is a very powerful technology, but also a delicate one. If you have any opinion about it, feel free to post it here in the comments

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