Huawei Mate 9 Spotted On GFXBench: 5.9-Inch Display, Kirin Chipset, Android 7.0 Nougat And More

The next-gen version of Huawei’s robust Mate 8 phablet — the much-rumored Mate 9 — is in the news again. The Android-powered smartphone has been spotted on a benchmarking site, which offers a peek into the handset’s specs.

Huawei is poised to release new devices at the upcoming IFA 2016 and has a press event slated for Sept. 1. The OEM is widely rumored to be working on the successor of its Mate 8 phablet, but it’s not likely to be unwrapped at the IFA 2016.

This news was confirmed in June by Bruce Lee, Huawei’s Mobile Product manager. Lee revealed that the Mate 9’s debut at the IFA 2016 would be too early for the company.

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