Microsoft Bing Maps Takes on Google Maps With Cool New Update

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Microsoft Corporation’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) popular search engine Bing which has played second fiddle to Google search for the past few years, has finally received a cool new update. The company launched the service four years ago, as the first rival to Google Maps. The latest update brings a live traffic feed via 35,000 cameras installed across 11 countries.

The feature is very easy to use. All users have to do is turn on the option for “Traffic Layer” through a click on the Traffic menu. Once done, users receive live traffic information. They may zoom in on specific roads in order to get live traffic updates. Users may also pull up multiple camera feeds from the same city on one screen in order to compare traffic in different areas. In order to get a better view of roads, users can also switch the camera size from small to large. Just like Alphabet Inc’s (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google Maps, the Bing Maps app has received an updated interface which shows businesses and other destinations along the route that users select.

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