Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Announces New Surface Product: The Surface Book

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Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ:MSFT) has introduced a range of new products at their event yesterday; it includes the Lumia Smartphones, the Surface Pro 4, and the device that attracted the most attention is a new member of the Surface family; the Surface Book. The Surface Book is the first laptop that has been built entirely by Microsoft; it is a 2-in-1 hybrid PC, which can be used as a tablet. The laptop also allows users flip the screen over the keyboard, which makes the notebook work as a convertible PC.

The Surface Book has a display size of 13.5 inches, which produces a pixel density of 267 ppi (pixels per inch). Microsoft has optically bonded the display to the glass body of the screen, which adds to the beauty of the device. The company has used magnesium for the body of the device, which is similar to that used for Surface Pro tablets in the past. The magnesium gives the laptop a ‘premium feel’ and the silver color adds to its appeal.

The most remarkable aspect of the design is the detachable keyboard’s hinge, which Microsoft calls a “dynamic fulcrum”. Looking at the laptop from its side, the hinge seems to flex as the laptop is bent; it leaves a slight gap between the screen and the keyboard when the laptop is closed. The hinge positions the screen at an angle where it provides better viewing, when the laptop is flipped around to be used as a convertible. The display can be detached by way of a button, which is located on the keyboard.

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