Microsoft Wants To Bring High-Speed Internet To Millions Of Americans In Rural Areas

Microsoft reportedly plans to announce a proposal to tap the unused spaces between television broadcasts to deliver high-speed broadband internet to more than 2 million Americans.

The unused channels between TV broadcasts are called white spaces and they’re typically set aside for television channels, but they can also send internet data. Microsoft wants to use these white spaces to enhance broadband access in rural America, aiming to deliver high-speed internet across 12 states in the United States within the next five years.

High-Speed Broadband For Rural America

According to Microsoft president Brad Smith, white spaces make it possible to reach more than 80 percent of Americans who live in rural areas and don’t have broadband, The New York Times reports. The 12 states Microsoft will initially target are Texas, New York, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, North Dakota, South Dakota, Maine, and Kansas.

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