Microsoft Working On Surface Book, Surface Pro 4 ‘Sleep’ Issue, Fix Coming Next Year

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Users have been complaining that two devices from Microsoft, the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book, are experiencing quicker-than-normal battery drainage.

This happens when the tablet and notepad enter an incomplete low battery mode, resulting in the battery running out really fast. Microsoft took note of the issue and promised that it will provide a fix “soon in the new year.”

According to reports, the root of the issue is the “new silicon” used in the Intel Skylake chipsets.

In a support forum, the Redmond-based tech firm explained that when a Surface device enters standby, the central processing unit can remain active, leading to increased battery consumption and extra heating. Those familiar with the silicon chipset technology affirm that the problem is visible in Skylake-based gizmos that are manufactured by other companies as well.

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