OnePlus 5 Rumors: Specs, Features, Release Date, And Everything We Know So Far

Rumor has it that the successor to OnePlus 3T will skip the “4” and just jump into OnePlus 5, a la Note 5 jumping into the Note 7 naming scheme.

The 3T has only been out for a few months, becoming available this past November. Yet, because of how fast-paced smartphone development has become, we’re now seeing rumors of the OnePlus 5, and they’re all sounding pretty good so far.

Why Jump To 5?

Before heading to rumors, let’s first address the name. Why is OnePlus allegedly skipping the favor and jumping to OnePlus 5? It’s possible that the company, in keeping with Chinese tradition, has chosen to drop “4” because of the number’s association with misfortune and death, according to AndroidPit.

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