Samsung Plans To Spend $8.9 Billion To Beef Up OLED Production

Samsung is ramping up its OLED production line, starting with an $8.9 billion investment.

Just recently, the South Korean brand has begun plans of replacing its existing equipment that manufactures liquid-crystal display or LCD with machinery for organic light-emitting diode or OLED.

Samsung Spends Big On OLED Displays For Apple And Others

The news comes from the South Korean website The Investor, and according to it, the 10 trillion won (or $8.9 billion) expense is for this year alone — approximately 3 trillion won (or $2.69 billion) to produce 30,000 OLED panels a month, 3 to 4 trillion won (or $3.58 billion at most) to expand its A3 flexible OLED production plant, and 1 trillion won (or $896 million) for its Vietnam plant.

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