Slack New Slash Commands Let You Hire A Lyft, Get Place Suggestions And Check The Weather

Slack unveils its easy-to-install Slash Commands, allowing individuals to use third-party apps and services. On the team communication app, users can now use functions of certain apps, including Foursquare to get place recommendations, Lyft to catch a ride, Dribbble to bring up images using keywords, Poncho to check on weather forecasts and Blockspring to maximize the team’s productivity.

On Aug. 25, 2015, Slack introduced its Add to Slack button, and these new Slash Commands are activated via the said button. Once turned on, users can immediately take advantage of third-party apps. Also, the Slash Commands can post privately and publicly into channels.

“For outside apps and services that have written code to talk to our new API, you just click a button to add it to your own Slack team,” Slack says on its website.

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