The first consumer-focused Samsung Gear VR will cost $99, launches this November

At the Oculus Connect Developer Conference today, Samsung SVP Peter Koo announced a new Samsung Gear VR headset designed to give millions more users their first taste of VR: it’s compatible with any 2015 Samsung flagship smartphone and costs just US$99 (half the price of the pre-consumer Gear VR Innovator Edition headsets).

The unit, scheduled to ship in November, lets anyone with a Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Note 5 or S6 Edge+ handset plug in and play. It’s 22 percent lighter than the previous version, according to Samsung, and includes an improved touchpad system.

It’s “virtual reality for everyone” in the words of Koo – or at least everyone with a newer Samsung smartphone – and it prepares the ground for the full Oculus Rift launch coming next year (a much more capable but PC-based headset).

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